Bitfury is a mining equipment manufacturing company that made their plans known in early July 2013.  They are making ASIC chips that have very high efficiency and a great deal of hashing power.  If everything goes as planned, BitFury will be one of the new companies that will change the landscape of bitcoin mining.


What is ? is a web site created and deployed in 2012 to share public information disclosed by BitFury Group. is dislosing unique information not available elsewhere.

Who are BitFury Group ?

International team of individual persons and companies in many roles – investors, developers, manufacturers, services…

What are BitFury Group goals ?


  • Facilitating development of BitCoin itself and BitCoin network;
  • Developing BitCoin mining software and hardware;
  • Developing services that use BitCoin;
  • Promoting BitCoin for various purposes;

Secondary BitFury Group goals are helping group members to promote themselves, facilitate their sales or free services and organize their co-operation.

What are BitFury Group privacy policy and general terms of information usage?

BitFury Group limits information available through web site to informations that could certainly not do any harm to any party (our members, users, counterparties), so we will not publish here personal information, contract details, account numbers, etc.

BitFury Group respects privacy and anonymity, so when contacting us, we will not ask you more than we should.

BitFury Group will never publish on web site shopping cart or any mean like receiving BitCoin address or banking details to receive payment online. Web site is information only. If at some point there will appear such information, please be conservative, because that may be caused by security breach. Do not trust without personal contact via e-mail, skype or meeting such information like payment via a web site.

Copyright over web site content belongs to BitFury Group (and/or its members). You are explicitly authorized to copy, but with clearly visible link to original material on web site. Web pages for particular sections of web site while contains actual information will always have permanent URL and file name.


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